Our Canine Family 1-6-09

I recently took these pictures of Sadie, Noelle and Summer and Boots.....they all get along so great. They play and play together a lot.

Click on the link below to pictures.

Pictures of our animals.


Happy Holidays!

We just made this movie in our new program Studio Ultimate Version 12. We hope you enjoy it.......we sure had fun making it.

Have a Merry Christmas.


Fun on a hot summer day!

Sadie, Summer and Noelle love the water.........it's a great way to entertain them with little work from us. Summer is our 13 month old and Noelle is almost 3. Sadie is our little adopted dog .......basset hound/? and is 4 years old.

I get so tickled at Sadie .......she is not as crazy about the water as the golden's are but she finally decides to join in. How she stands up on her little short legs is so cute.

These 3 dogs keep me busy.....but they are so good and such fun (most of the time...ha,ha) They have so much fun playing with each other.


Two Golden Retrievers playing with Rope

We bought a couple dollars worth of rope at Home Depot and it made a great cheap toy for our dogs.


Golden Retrievers PlayDate 10-08

We had so much fun playing with our Golden Retrievers today......blowing bubbles for them and just enjoying such a wonderful spring day. The red Golden( Buddy) is a friends dog and our two Golden's are the blondes .........Noelle and Summer.

Our two dogs came home exhausted ............. " a tired dog is a good dog" saying is really true.

If we would only remember to "enjoy" the moment more often like Dogs do.........this was one of the fun days to remember.

This was taken at our friends house.



We are having fun with our new camera's!

Summer and Noelle waiting for me to throw the ball up the stairs to them!
Sadie our little adopted dog.......she is such a sweetheart. She is waiting to go outside to watch the squirrels........her favorite pasttime.......the rest of the time she just sleeps.....wish the two Goldens would do that more too.
Noelle and Summer playing.......they play quite a bit.........Summer will get just as close to Noelle as she can.......if I make them get into their own beds......pretty soon Summer is inching over to Noelle little by little.........I can't get mad at them as it's so cute.

Geese at Glenmere Park
We were thrilled to get this photo of the geese taking off.
A Waterfall here in town.......partially frozen over!
Summer and Boot's snoozing together
Summer and Sadie enjoying the fireplace on a cold wintry day!
Our Christmas 2007 photo used on our Christmas News letter.
Our Cat "Boot's" and Sadie snoozing together........they get along wonderfully.
Duane with the two Golden Retrievers Noelle and Summer

Our two Golden Retrievers love to play tug of war with each other. They both get along beautifully and are like two "Peas in a Pod"......always together.

We are both having fun with our new camera's ......Nancy's is the Canon Rebel and Duane's is the Sony Alpha100 DSLR. I am taking an on line class in photography in hopes of learning how to use manual settings instead of auotmatic so we can be more creative.
The above photo taken at Glenmere park ....love to sit here in the summertime and take pictures of the ducks and geese. It's so peaceful here.


Summer waiting for Santa!

Well it was quite a challenge to get Summer to pose for these pictures but she did pretty good for being only 6 months old.........she actually fell asleep towards the end. Happy Holidays Everyone!